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So, I am a physical manifestation or living testimony that you can’t out train a bad diet! 

Let me explain. My name is Nike ( otherwise known as msnikkidee)  and I lost 6 stone in weight in just under a  year and best yet, I have maintained it during lockdown, making me almost a year into maintenance. I would though still say I am a work in progress! 

So this is what I mean, honestly I had gotten more active the over the years, and in my early 40s I found Tae kwon Do,  and after 4 attempts in 2018 I was finally promoted to first Dan! I danced, and did Zumba as well and in 2017 I also joined a ladies bootcamp.  My weight yo yo, up and down, and even though I tried a couple of diets, I had limited success and and for reasons I can only put down to misbehaving and a gluttonous diet my weight sky rocketed, and by November 2018 I became my heaviest ever.  It was almost as if I had exhaled and never gone back in. 

Anyhow in November 2018 I started out on a new health journey which has seen these results, it was not easy to begin with. ( you can read about it in my blog post here) but by sept /oct 2019 I had lost 6 stone! And here I am. 

So I welcome  you to this blog,  where I will be sharing hints and tips, recipes and self care ideas. 

You did not come to be by accident, 

Why not have a look around

If you need a change

You need ideas

You need accountability 

You are most definitely in the right place. 

I am so grateful that you took time to stop by.

Feel free to look around and see what you will find useful.

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