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IMG_3871[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ow how do you feel a about failure?  Do you shun it? Do you embrace it – ok by embrace it I mean accept it as part of life, learn from it and move on?  Its a very big question to be honest and how you answer it will depend on how much value you have attached to what you are trying to achieve and what your perceived failure is.

Last night,  there were several games played in The English Premier league, with a few of them earmarked to be pivotal to the title race. Now having seen my own team lose in a cup final on Sunday, I was very happy, how they had picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and came out again last night in what was deemed for them a grudge match( it was against the same team that they had lost to on Sunday)  and for their opponents a pivotal match and won emphatically.

Now no bias intended, but listening to the post match interviews from the managers, was so interesting.  Manager of the opposition came out and said, his team was tired, and that they had not recovered from Sunday.  He did not have enough forward players on the bench compared to the other team, all this in a monotone voice, almost reminiscent of a whiny 1o year old child who had been made to tidy his room yet again.

Consider this, the opposition just like his team had played a game mid week, a day later than they, the exact same team was filed, they too had played on Sunday, so why did this manager feel that it was different for them? Going into the match they were deemed favourites by the bookies to win.

In reacting in this manner the manager has been rude to his opponents, disrespectful of their achievement, but more importantly he has put his own players down in public, almost implying that they are lazy and cannot cut it.   They are a team in the running to win the title, yes they were dealt a blow, but a better leader would have been rallying his troops in private and public, reminding them to put their best foot forward and try.   This league is now at the business end, and those with the weak minds will falter.  It begs the question on how much this manager values what they are supposedly trying to achieve and how he will motivate his team if he himself is all down and not communicating his vision properly.

What you you think?  What Makes a good leader to you? Please let me know in the comments below.


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