When is your half time?

[dropcap][/dropcap][dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is the thing, whenever  I talk to my bestie about football, especially about teams that get so beaten, its as if the the team is asleep, I often feel that the manager, or head coach did not  make proper tactical decisions.  She always comes back and says well Nike, do the managers go on the pitch with them, should the managers get on the pitch and put the ball in the back of the net, and to be honest, I would try quite lamely to make a case for for the team, but my argument would never really hold up. After all, as she quite rightly points out, once the whistle has gone,  the players have to make the decisions all by themselves and what if the other team does not play according to the tactics they had learnt, they have to be able to hold it together and make their own decisions at least until half time. Which is why sometimes we will hear the phrase football can be a game of two halves. In the main I agreed with her, and then I learnt about the law of navigation, where it says, anyone can steer a ship, but it takes a leader to chart a course.  The players are the followers, right?    They are steering a ship  as directed by the manager/ head coach, so if the head coach has not read the waters correctly then surely he has lead them up the creek with the wrong paddle?  Or maybe they have not picked the correct personnel, or maybe he has not communicated his  vision correctly

How does this impact on a personal level ?  This is a good question because if you think about it, this is actually a really important leadership skill that you probably use every day on some level, think about your shopping lists, to do lists etc your plans for the weekend or week even.  If you are a parent, you probably do it on behalf of your kids, wives do it for their husbands or vice versa.  The fact is we all know on a level, that not planning can more often than not end in chaos.

Now when it comes to your life as you know when you were a child your parents would have been your navigators, when you were a baby they chose your clothes, when it was time they chose your schools, and most likely  your after school  clubs  they made sure you did your homework etc, at some point you may have interjected slightly and asked to play the violin or to go to football or netball. They may have even  had it all mapped out for you.  However, once  you got into  adulthood you were expected to and probably wanted to navigate your own life,  make your own choices and decisions. So here’s the question, did you chart a life or did you just get on with it? To be honest getting on with it is not uncommon and quite frankly there is nothing wrong with that,  it’s what we do as a species but often this can be at the expense of what we want for ourselves almost as if your dreams are not important; but of course they are, they are a part of what makes us us so the question really amounts to how much do you want to fulfil the dreams or do you just want to get on with it? When will  your half time come? It will come when you choose to start living the life that you want in your way! So dust off your dreams and set some goals!

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  1. Well I am extremely selfish so I can say I chartered my life from the age 16 when I first left home. Coming from a small town just outside the Dale’s I knew then I wanted to work in London …… The rest is as they say ..History

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