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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome of you  may recall that the other day I asked this question: What is easier to get 100% or 99%? Thank you to those that answered; clearly there was no context  set for  this so there was  no wrong or right answer. The context is towards changing something in  your life, for example, giving up smoking or sugar making better choices with regards to  anything that you desire. What I want to share with you is this, I heard this on a VLog, so for example you have decided to give up sugar or smoking and in the week you have been absolutely amazing then on Friday or Saturday you go to a party or some other event and are you are offered cake or cigarettes  what we are are you going to do? The chances are you will say okay so I’ll just have one after all I have been good, but let’s be honest are you likely to stop at one? This is the deal it’s not very likely is it? Then all the good work that you have done will be undone

So in this context the correct answer is 100% Now  don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that for every change you want to make has to be 100% cold turkey but at least it’s clear you need to have 100% attitude, and not stop at  99% which is actually harder as you’re more likely to break back to the old habit. So the 100%  represents commitment and this is where your discipline is likely to come from.

In his book today matters John Maxwell advises that once  you have made the decision and (which in this case is to give  something up) you need to practice daily discipline in order to get the pay off you require I liken it  to the old adage that you are either pregnant or not!  There really is nothing in between!

3 Tips for getting your 100%

  1. Make sure the decision aligns with your values and overall goal set
  2. Make the decision as quickly as possible
  3. Manage the decision on a daily basis- thereby making it a discipline.
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2 Replies to “99% Hot Question”

  1. Interesting and great points, I do find that I can do 100% with things that matter to me but with others I’ve created a balance that seems to work for me like I won’t have a cupcake or pizza every day but giving them up completely is something I’m not interested it so every few months works for me there. However, with my meditation practice, that’s a daily practice and I did need to have the commitment and discipline to develop it.

    Thanks for sharing, love and light! 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, you have made me realise, that I could have pointed out about striking an achievable balance, which in this case that would actually be your 100%

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