Are you a perfectionist?

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I opened my fridge this afternoon, I noticed some veg that had been there for a while it was on the turn,   and do you know I thought? Oh  yes, I’d make soup. In fact I have to be quite frank with you that was not my first thought, my first thought was to chuck it out, as I did not fancy it any more as it would no longer have that nice taste fresh steamed veg has.   So anyhow I went to make the soup, about 5 minutes in, I decided that I would add some lentils. Now that is backwards right? I had already added them when I thought oopsy daisy I should have cooked them in a separate pan and then joined them together.  By the time the lentils cooked the veg had all but disintegrated.  Well the less sturdy ones had, the carrots and celery fought it out!  I looked at it and thought, hmm I don’t fancy it now,  then I had my second brainwave of the morning oh I will put in the blender and then it will be a smooth soup.  So this the thing, are you a perfectionist?

What I realise is that doing things, right is not the same as making it perfect.  My real question is how right must right be to be perfect?  Going back to my soup, imagine if I thrown the veg away, that would have been a waste of money.   And then there is the carbon foot print to consider, and the energy on keeping the veg cold all the time its been in the fridge.  Then if I had abandoned the soup because I did not like the over cooked veg, more money would have been wasted, on the tinned goods  I had added, the gas I used to cook it and I am sure you get my drift.

So let me ask again, are you a perfectionist? In your life, do you keep going and going until something is perfect?  As I said previously getting something right is not the same as getting it perfect, in our quest to get things done perfectly, we could be missing out on things and opportunities.   Being a perfectionist could be a means of


not committing

time wasting

wasting money.

So when you put getting it perfect  into perspective, you can see that in the end, one could lose out,  its that thing again, when you are waiting until you are an age, you have lost weight, your kids have moved out, you get a new job, when you have moved, you have married, you have divorced   there is always an excuse not to do something, so in the end its best to just do it, put it out there,  get it done and move nearer to your potential.

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