Live within your means: It will make you happy!

This is just a short quick post, but I wanted to share with you why living within your means is not only important, but that it will make you happy.

There is no need to worry about  creditors chasing you. I have experienced this, its annoying, and you then don’t want to open your mail, take your phone calls etc. Not a very nice feeling right.

So this is a quick way to peace of mind.

When you have peace of mind, you will be more open and hence more creative. This will mean that you are able to think of ways to improve your income, and have more options to do what you would like to do.

It also means that you are paying now, and the compound effect means that you should be better off in the future, as you will not be using your earnings of today to pay for debt of the past.  That’s not to say that you will not want more money to do more things, but there are ways in which you can get it, and nowadays what with the technology advances and social media, there are now many more opportunities to do this, without jeopardising your work life balance, in fact you can do it just by sitting on your sofa in your front room.



Why not have a look at this opportunities you can use to make an extra income,  see my previous post about ways of making another income by clicking here. 

I’d love to know what you would do to earn an extra bit of money.  Do drop me a line at or comment below.

If you have found this short post of any note, please do share with your friends too.

What ever you decide, smile, be kind to yourself and be sure to have a nice day by choosing happiness.


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2 Replies to “Live within your means: It will make you happy!”

  1. Hi Nike, I agree it is so important to live within our means, hard to do when we are constantly bombarded by images and adverts of the latest must have *thing*. What is this opportunity you speak of in your post?

    • Hi Trevor,
      Thanks for your comment, and yes you are so correct about how difficult it is to do that. It can be learn though. The opportunity I talk about is a way of learning how to build a website, and use it for affiliate marketing. It’s taught, step by step, and even if you know how to build websites, you will still learn a lot. Its a try before you buy and you get to keep the freebies. Click here if you would like to have a look. There really is nothing lose.

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