Is it time to quit your job yet?

Only you can answer that question,  but  I will say, its always time to be working on your goals and dreams.

Have you noticed, ( well it seems like it to me anyhow)  as the summer nights draw in, and autumn is upon us, all the TV programmes get really good? The trailers are all really exciting  they draw you in, and here’s the best thing, if you have sky +, tivo, or any other similar technology, you can set a reminder right from the middle of the trailer, how cool is that? I mean you don’t have to miss out on anything these days.

I had this on my mind, when I got one of those chain messages, you know the type, the ones where they say send it on to so many people to get these wonderful blessings, or its all doom and gloom. I liked how it started out, it fitted quite nicely with the fact that as the year draws to a close, like most people I start to reflect on the year gone by. I just did not like the ugly reminder to pass it on!!


It led me to thinking, how many of you have put our dreams on the back burner, saying you will do this when January is over, and I have recovered from Christmas, oh and when little so and so gets through their SATS etc, and you know there is a whole load of reasons for delaying , unlike the bored child at the back of the car who says are we there yet incessantly, you don’t ever ask yourself if you are there yet, when your life gets a bit much, you may think to these goals a bit wistfully, but do you ever say, is it time yet and the answer is yes. Going back to the chain message, which actually was filled with doom and gloom if you did not pass it on, I have re-worked it to see how time is going and we need to start making plans for our goals now, not tomorrow.

*2017:* Knock! knock!! knock!!!
*2016:* Yes who is that?
*2017:* It’s me 2017
*2016:* What can i do for you?
*2017:* I have come to remind u of something, it’s very important.
*2016:* What is that?
*2017:* I have come to remind you that your time with my goals and dreams is almost up, its time to start handing them back.
*2016:* Really? There will be loads of people who leave their dreams and goals with me, and I will happily hold on to them.
*2017:* I know and, that’ s why I have come to remind you that I am a fresh new start, I have more power than you?, In fact you are beginning to smell bit like old cheesy socks!!!.
*2016:* Well, I have fear, procrastination, low self esteem and denial on my side, they are powerful tools that will make people leave their dreams and aspirations with me for a while longer. You know how seductive I am when i start waving these feelings in front of people, you’ll see they will stay with me. .
*2017:* You keep on threatening, you don’t know what you are up against if you think that you are going to keep all those followers! In my team, there is hope, action, goals planning, I have goal setting activities, visualisations, positive visions and massive action. You will see that your followers will get clarity and see that they can create the life of their dreams, they will come to see, that you are a quagmire stuck in the past, looking only to the past, they will come to understand that actually time has moved on, its later than they think some would say and that they have to cut their ties with you.
*2016:* Well, I will keep trying.
*2017*: Well good luck with that, that is why I have come early, to remind people, that its never too late to start on their dreams, they can still aim for those lofty dreams, make goals, plan and take action one small step at a time. They just need to take the first step now.
*2016:* Ok, bye! then, may the best of us win.

The thing is, we do have a tendency to put our goals on hold, our dreams and aspirations too often play second fiddle to many things that may be gong on in our lives.  We all hold the key to our future, we just need to work on unlocking our potential. A little reflection can really help with that.


So, have you started to reflect on your achievements for this year? How do you feel?  Maybe you need a little help with your reflection. Why not download my mini life assessor, ( Click Here)  it will help you to focus your thoughts and with any action plan you may like to put together.  Do let me know how you get on.

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself, have a nice day!

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