How to Turn Your Resolve into Goals

So who is up for making 2017 the best year yet? Who wants a different result, maybe better, maybe bigger than the year just gone?

Are you going to set goals and make an action plan to this effect?  Are you going to write them down? How are you going to make sure that these goals come to pass? You know how it is, we all make new years resolutions, oh we should lose weight, we should drink less, save more money. we will start our pension fund this year. etc. and mostly before the end of January most of them are abandoned.  There could be many reasons for this, life gets in the way, the resolutions are not real goals, or may not be set in our real desires, but against obligation and duty.  They are not written down.

So rather than making new years resolutions, you would be better off setting goals.  Writing them down and monitoring them through the year. You may need to have some accountability in order to do this.

SMART Goals and Plans

1.Make sure the goals are SMART. Now we all know what SMART means So I will  focus on specific and achievable.  Specific does not just mean something in particular make it  specific to you, what you want and / or desire. It must not be  something that you feel obligated to do, but something you really want that will make  you happy, and as Albert Einstein says, if you can think it, you can achieve it. So in setting your goals its important not to contract into yourself. The goals can be big and lofty, what you will need to do is break them down into smaller chunks.


2. Make an action plan. Write it down.  I must press the importance of this, In your acton plan, you  decide when you want it by and commit to it.

3. One of the key things in how to set goals in life is deciding why you want the goal. This is my far the most important step really, why?   This is where your motivation to execute your plan will come from. The why should be part of your wider purpose, this is what will enable you to get back on track if there are obstacles.

4. Be prepared, you will  be outside of your comfort zone. Yes, outside. Its simple, if you want different things, you need to do different things.

Why Setting and striving for goals will make you happy

Now, lets talk about how setting  goals in life will make you happy.  The key really is in the process, if you have a genuine desire for something,  and it fits in with your purpose in life, then surely the pursuit of it will only  make you happy.  If you desire something really badly and you don’t go after it, it stands to reason then that you will be unhappy and filled with regret.

Sometimes you may start out on a journey, and find genuinely that its the wrong path for you. Do not fret! It’s normal to face setbacks and obstacles and  just means that you may need to rethink how you achieve your goals.  Always make your goals fluid.  No, not as away of procrastination, but be sure to be open to opportunities that will foster your purpose.


How to set goals in life: a little help

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