How I chose Health – Part 1

My transformation so far..yes I am a work in progress..

In November 2018 my Trainer Friend Chris, gave me the privilege of trying out his new diet plan called Total Change.. Well what a revelation this has turned out to be be. .. This is what happened 

I was  well over 18 stone  when I started the programme. The programme starts with a very severe detox, living on less than a 1/4 of the calories I was previously enjoying  and to be brutally honest it was hell. It was one of if not the biggest challenges I have faced in recent times. 

I had emotional turmoil



and needless to say I was…..yes wait for it…


Let me be honest, I did not have an inkling of how difficult this was going to be ..on so many levels, including being the secret guinea pig  ( no peers at this stage) 

At the beginning the biggest surprise was that i stuck with it… I mean to know me is to know that I love food, especially  Nigerian Fusion food! ( Yes, we 9jas do make the best jollof rice) 

My Body started changing almost immediately, i remember on day 4 my husband  said how happy he was that my clothes were fitting me better..

But still I was hungry

The killer day in the detox was day 7- no food all day..

Funnily I learnt early on the scales were not my friend, I mean you would have thought that with such little food going into me, that I would have been shedding pounds left right and centre, but initially it seemed like only 1 or 2 pounds were coming off, them day 7 – boom… I had lost 10lbs. And there in lay the tone for this programme. 

I learnt so much about myself in those early days…I have to be frank, it did not make pretty learning…

  • How I ate too much,
  • my proportions were out of whack
  • picking without realising it.. and so on and so forth….

I will talk about my challenges, in the next part, but before i conclude here, I would like to go back to before the programme.

Let me tell you, I was not a couch potato, I did and still do Zumba, and am an avid practitioner of Tae Kwon Do hardly missing a session and as recently as April  2018 I was promoted to First Dan Black Belt) I get a lot of my pluckiness from this sport ( you can read my story here) have also been known to do pilates, etc.

This has a big bearing on my emotional challenge – now knowing what I had at my disposal, yet still not taking on board the potential health issues I was undoubtedly storing up, to the extent my weight piled on, my knees hurt, my circulation was so poor, my feet would swell up within 5-10 minutes of waking up and most damming I could not get up from  a sitting position, without holding on, the lower the position, the more likely i had to hoist myself up. 

in Part 2 I will tell you about my challenges, thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, if you have found any value in it, do feel free to share with your network, whatever you are doing, do; do it with love, and always be kind to yourself and others.

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