How I Chose Health: Part 2- Challenges

TKD- always exhilarating forever challenging…

So after I finished the Detox, ie. On day 15 to  precise, I started a new job… new and challenging by itself, then coupled with being on this programme, a new challenge emerged.

Did I mention that this was in December?  So in getting to know new colleagues, they all thought I was weird for ‘going on a diet’ at this time of the  year, traditionally when we all go over the top, acting like food and drink is going to run out on 25th December!!!    Honestly, this was a big challenge but my growth cam in terms of resolve. My persevering skill and indomitable spirit that i had honed in TKD, really started to pay off here   When we went out for or newbie lunch, i as in a fish and chip restaurant, but i had grilled fish with cool was that 

Other challenges were my continuing hunger

Food boredom ( imagine I was over the moon when Chris messaged me and said Nike : your project for today was to get some small containers as I was gonna get yoghurt and seeds! Actually it was supposed to be almonds- errrm eh no thank you- so I got pine nuts!! 

another big challenge i  had was going home for my my mum’s 10 year memorial..  i stayed with my brother and my younger sister was there too having also travelled from the uk. So Saturday morning breakfast was ogi and akara ( corn pap and fried bean cake) – the exact same breakfast we had year in year out on a saturday morning growing up. this programme and all the might of the benefits was now competing with my heart strings. ( no eye rolling please lol)  where i have been lucky is that my husband does no like this dish so we have not eaten it in my own home for many years but.. the competition of childhood memories ..well… to be fair this was a one off right or at least a particular occasion, but let me tell you..this is what its like… weighing up the sensible and healthy can be a big emotion that is evoked in a simple act pf  preparing and eating a meal.  ironically for me, yes i did have a  bean cake, skipped the pap but guess what… heart burn  and stomach ache.. busted that idea in the main…   in my house growing up on a Sunday we had jollof rice on sundays.. over the years what i have tended to cook on  a Sunday??? so yes culture and traditions are big big influencers on diet and the ability to stick with a programme. 

Other challenges included but most definitely are not limited to, 

Changing bowel habits.. I had always been a definite at least once a day person, having been brought up to believe this was healthy, shock horror, this changed dramatically in the early days, i found it very stressful and poor chris, got what would traditionally be called an earful at most opportunities, except it was via text message..i did not open my bowels I would complain… oh how i would loved to have been a fly on the wall when he was reading these messages lol..

In the very early days it was social outings…no no no .. i could just not face it, the test, the why aren’t you having this, or that – i was just not prepared to really test my resolve unless i had to, like the day of lynne’s funeral. 

Learning to live without salt….this my friends is a big one… you know it… 

The weird food combos.. i mean, who, just who eats boiled eggs and carrots for breakfast or even any meal?  please find them and lead me to them…and thats just one example… 

So i suppose you are getting my  drift..right..these were challenging times..

i have not even mentioned the negative nellies… i think to b honest, they are a mother blog post.. 

The challenges have been many, and I am confident that out of these challenges i have grown – I still have challenges, not all around food. you will be pleased to know.. but I am a work in progress, with God on my side. my goal, i have to say is bigger than my challenges… 

Thank you for taking the time tor read this part of my story, i do hope you have a nice evening, day or morning where every are and whatever you choose to do, do do it with love, be kind to yourself and others, and dont forget to smile.

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