7 Things to do during this Lockdown 2.0

So we are right on the verge of lockdown part 2! To be honest I was quite disappointed when I heard this, for so many reasons. I could not help but think about those , who are now going find themselves indoors and I just wanted to send a bit of encouragement.

1.Remember what you can’t control..its here folks, that is not in your control, what is in control is how you react to it.

2.Do not buy into conspiracy theories. People will say things, check facts yourself from reputable sources. Conspiracy theories will only; in my humble opinion serve to distress you, however if they make you happy feel free, but be mindful that others may not feel that way. 

3. Focus on something else. e.g read more, take up a hobby. This is crucial. Not easy, but important nonetheless. Have you noticed that when you are engrossed in something you enjoy, you feel free, you don’t notice the passage of time, and you are certainly not thinking about stressful things. We need to tap into this.

4.Save the money that you would otherwise be spending on whatever you can’t do now. we will naturally probably spend more time online, beware of the shiny adverts and the money you feel is burning a whole in your pocket.

5.Eat well- good immunity starts in the gut – wholesome nice things that will nourish your body.

6. Get some exercise- enough said we know this

7.Make efficient use of your bubbles and technology…balance is the key here. In this time, it will be easy to be ‘out’ while you are in, and that in itself will bring its own challenges and pressures. You can say no, and if you do, do not feel guilty.

There have been many terms for these times we live in, strange and trying times are my general description. The difficulties we face now, are compounded by the fact that we now have an idea of what that reality looks like.

However you may be feeling, remember this, you are not alone, reach out, come chat.

whatever you are doing during this lockdown version 2.0, do smile, do begin with love and always be kind to yourself and others. #choosehappiness.

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