The Dream Thief!

The thing is you can’t build your dream life, put it in the freezer and then re – heat it in the microwave when you are ready! You have to continually build and maintain it! 😘 That’s why excuses are bad for you, they keep you from going after your dreams, they are the biggest

What to do when you feel stuck

Do feel stuck?🤔 Stuck in a job you hate?😡 Stuck at your network marketing business?🤔 Stuck in a family situation? 🤫  Just stuck?😐 You  may feel that way but you aren’t really- the power is in you to change it!  💪🏾 Is your desire strong enough or are you using the situation as a comfort

I am a work in progress

So, this this the thing….. It has come to my realisation that its time to change, its very easy to start on a hard journey, and as the journey gets a bit easier, you start to get comfortable, become a little less consistent, take your ability for granted, you become less than excellent or you  get a