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Hands up if you  have ever kept a diary or journal? Did you know that apparently  there are several benefits to keeping a journal?  ( I know because the internet told me so!) It can stretch your IQ and evoke mindfulness, and even improve your memory to mention a couple.  I imagine that it is something most have done at some point in their life.

Personally its is something I have done albeit inconsistently for a very long time.  The idea of keeping a journal has come up in more places than one and the benefits have been extolled extensively.  I have enjoyed it when I have done it, and the benefits I enjoy are two fold, one my public journals e.g Facebook, and my personal blog (I am inclined to see the use of Social Media can also be seen as a form of journalling) allows me to share and connect with people and the others helps me to focus my mind, and vent sometimes quite private stuff.  It has also been good for self reflection

There are several types of journals that one can keep – Weight loss ; general, dream, gratitude really just about anything and you know I have even heard of one called a treadmill journey, used by writers.

So how do you do it?   If you were to type journalling, or diary keeping into google you will be amazed by the amount of information that will come up, ( I was particularly interested by what the lifehack.org had to say) .  In the end it is up to you, an exercise book, a fancy leather bound journal,  word documents on your pc which leads me to tell you ( I am sure you have guessed already) that there are apps for it too.  So if you are glued to your phone  or iPad you can journal in-between updating Facebook and playing Candy Crush!   Two apps for you to look at Narrrato is free and Day one is a paid one.

One  consistent thing that I have read about journalling is how it can be used for reflection, analysis, goal setting and tracking. It is a habit that is found in successful people.

Do be sure to read my interview with Funso Adegbola, The Davkit featured person for March who also spoke about the benefits of keeping a journal.

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  1. Like you I’ve kept journals over the years….there are months when I am consistent and then I stop and start again. This year I started keeping a Thank -You journal and so just before bed each night I just record all the things ….major and minor and seemingly inconsequential that I am thankful for…it’s been refreshing

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