How Balanced are You?

I come across an old copy of a magazine where the head line was  was “ditch the life plan”! Imagine that! WHAT!!! I screamed nearly out loud! Not that I would judge or anything, but I figured that was rather radical or random to say the least. Ok, so  what happened was this lady had gone to her school reunion after 30 years of leaving,  she was full of regret at having stuck to her life goals where she felt the others were all really excited by travels and experiences they had. Now she  had ticked off many of her goals on her wish list  which included to have bought a flat  by a certain age, to be married with a child by another age, and to have so much money etc  This including the knock back of her first marriage not working out, and other life issues  she felt that she lacked spontaneity in her life and wished  she had had more experiences to call upon  and share.

My initial thought for no reason other than random was she needed to become a ph 0! Now what I had done was to compare what this reader was saying with a measure on how you measure acidity vs alkalinity in substances.  In other words she needed balance.

However what really hit home was that yes we set goals in life, and in the main we are happy when we reach them, but one must forget that our chasing goals does not occur in isolation to the rest of our life, we grow, we experience  life, whatever it throws at us. This is also true of those we hold dear who have an impact on our life, who in fact can impact on our daily living. As we grow older our priorities and indeed our values change, so it is not unreasonable as we grow into our life, that some of our goals will also  change with time.

This makes it clear what ever plans you have in place need to be live and fluid.  This is not to suggest that you make goals and will nilly change them, no your goals should reflect your values, and desires and your commitment should be commensurate with that.

How have your goals changed over the years?  Do let me know in the comments below, you know I love hearing from you.

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