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Tomi and I at a recent family engagement

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]icking off my series of interviews with people regarding how they see change, I introduce one of my all time heroes  H’ Tomi Davies ( he is my big brother) always the innovative person he introduced the idea of using technology and working with it  to me at our earliest opportunity, and I seriously attribute my love of  internet and gadgets to him.   He is very active and there are not enough job titles to describe what he does, currently he is the Commercial Director at the Berkshire Rooms, but can best be described by the following words : personally, I think it’s taking multi-tasking to a new level  – Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Mentor, Investor and Advocate on things Technology, Education, Mobile and Africa

TDK Tell me about your early life?

HTD My early life was spent in boarding schools with holidays in the homes of various relatives and friends of my late father whose work saw him travelling the world quite a bit.  This also meant I only saw my siblings during brief visits to whichever relative or friend they were starting with on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas and the long holiday breaks. However,  in my teens, after my mum finally returned to Nigeria, we all moved in together with my dad as a family. Change has therefore been with me from childhood.

TDK Tell me about the change from schooling in Nigeria to united States, what was the impact, did you want it?

HTD Going to the United States was a liberation movement for me. It meant not having to “do as you’re told!” for the first time in my life. It however was quite traumatic as I did not have the prerequisite personal life skills and discipline to hold my own by myself. I therefore spent an inordinate amount of time “growing up” the american way. Something that reflects till today in my attitude and approach to life.

TDK Having read through your profile, and of course from my personal relationship with you, its quite clear that you have embraced the technological changes to your advantage, how would you encourage the rest of the baby boomers to embrace this ever changing technology.

HTD Well it’s an information age we live in and what we need to understand is that it’s not really about the technology but about the use to which it is put. I am constantly looking for ways to be more expressive, efficient, engaging and insightful using technology as my support system. I encourage others to pick their passion and look at technology through its lens to see what they can find.

TDK Can you describe one really defining change  in your life, what impact did this have on you? How did you handle it?

HTD The single biggest change that had an impact on my life was when I lost my oldest brother who died at age 47. I became a man that day because all of a sudden I had to become the support system for a father I had looked up to all my life. In my brothers death I learnt that we are only as good as our last memory and from then on, I learnt to cherish those I have and try my best to make their lives better because of what I do.

TDK Do you keep a journal?

HTD Yes I have done for over 40 years. Not a diary I might add but a journal of ideas, thoughts and happenings. About 10 years ago I started keeping an electronic version and most recently I have started blending that with various other self expressions (an occasional blog, tweets, postings etc)

TDK What are you reading that I should be reading?
I wonder how I missed ‘The 4 hour work week’ by Tim Ferris which I am now reading having just finished ‘I Jesus: An Autobiography’ by Chuck W Missler and William Welty and ‘Management in 10 Words’ by  Terry Leahy

TDK Who do you know that I should know?

HTD Well I think that is best left to your passions, aims, direction and Linkedin

TDK What does change mean to you?

HTD It means an exciting opportunity to do something I’ve never done before

TDK Do you resist it or embrace it?

HTD Embrace it lock, stock and two smoking barrels!

TDK If there was 1 thing you could change about your life what would it be and why?

HTD Funnily enough, I draw a blank on this question – nice way to end….

Read More about Tomi, on his blog or link to him on social media of your choice from www.tomidavies.com

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