Are You In Your Remarkable Lane?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you type into Google what are the benefits  / reasons for setting goals you will get a whole plethora of stuff come up! And to be very frank most of them are true! However with all the bombardment that comes to us via  many means, social media, the news etc some of you may feel that we are under pressure to be these wonderfully fulfilled and happy people ? Right? So how do you make sure that that the goals you are setting will make you happy and that you are not just thinking oh the grass is greener on the other side?

You see the thing with happiness and fulfilment is, it is personal and it’s subjective! I saw a real cool quote from a basketball coach John Wooden which said



And there was the aha moment- you see you decide – you decide what you want and you decide the level that you want it at then you go out there and try your very best to make it happen.

Imagine your life as a lane in a race, your goals/ desires/ dreams pick your favourite, are waiting for you at the at strategic points in the lane – the thing is you’ll be in your lane to pick up your dream , yes you’ll leave the lane sometimes, but you’ll always need to come back, others will also come into your lane but they’ll need to leave back to their lane at some point! You always have to be in your lane to get your own dreams!

It’s easy to accept ‘your lot’ in life as if your dreams and aspirations don’t matter, it’s easy to tell your self that the mini yous are more important so I don’t matter. Yes you want them to be better off than you had? But did it occur to you that you might be sending out a conflicting message? In his book the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership John Maxwell explains about the law of the picture – in the end people do what they see, so you may tell your mini yous many things in the end it’s your actions that will have the biggest impact! So you can have your dreams and put them on hold or never even bother trying – that is the message you are sending out! You are telling your children and others around you that it doesn’t matter! That you don’t matter!  I’d say everything matters. It’s one thing to intentionally have no further aspirations either because you have met all your goals and aspirations  and you don’t want new ones but it’s something else entirely when you just don’t bother to strive for the ones you want! So what is it to be for you?

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