Time is an Equal Opportunity Employer!

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y thoughts for today are about planning , setting, reviewing and resetting goals, we are up to the halfway point in the year so what a good time  look back  and take stock of what we have done so far and get ourselves back on track to living our dream life

I am sure that I do not have to tell you that happy and successful people plan and use their at time to intentionally  focus on their priorities. So what steps have you put in  place to plan your time and no I’m not suggesting that you have to give up on your spontaneous zest for life, I’m just saying that  if you are committed to achieving your goals  you need to exhibit some discipline,  make the decisions on how and when you are going to do things towards your goals . When you have made these decisions stick to them. Rremember the old saying time waits for no man some would say it’s an equal opportunities employer, in that we all get the very same 24 hours every day,  therefore understand that today is important it sets you up for tomorrow. It is important to develop habits that will enable you to incorporate planning and reflection into your daily agenda

You are the owner of your time, thoughts and actions you need to make intentional use of them.

how we spend our time
how we spend our time?

One of the key things about having goals, living life, going to work, raising a family yes the list goes on and on, is that you need to prioritise and understand why you are doing things, i.e what is the purpose? That is where your motivation is likely to come from and what will assist you when planning your time and deciding on your priorities.

I recall when studying economics at school, learning the definition of opportunity cost – the value of the best alternative when another option is chosen. That is something that has stuck with me as I  remember thinking it was a weird thing to think, but while out walking today,  it occurred to me, that when you have dreams and aspirations that you do not follow they become the opportunity cost for your so called life!  So do you want to make your dreams your opportunity cost?

A couple of tips for planning

1.80/20 rule- remember that 80% of your results in life will come from just 20 % of what you do, so it is important that your prioritise.

2.Plan quiet time to think and reflect-

3. Ask the following questions of the things you do

  • what do you want
  • what’s required of me to get it
  • what gives back
  • what is rewarding
  • what can I delegate to someone else

4.Invest in a diary if you don’t have one, the very least use the one on your smart phone

5.Learn to say no to things that do not improve or add to your purpose

6.Double up when you can, e.g you can think and reflect while out walking or running,

7.Automate things where you can, e.g waking up time, what to wear.

So what is your plan for tomorrow.


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