Road Blocks and Diversions.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he other day, I was driving along the motor way on the way to my annual alumni picnic, when I encountered some traffic, well not just  some, a lot actually and it was going to make me late.  That was after I had to take a diversion earlier in my journey due to a road being closed.   As I was on the motorway there was no way I could take another route, it was a case of what we would say in my family ‘of not passing go, not going to jail and not collecting £200’.  As I sat in the traffic,  I became a bit agitated, until my mindfulness kicked in, but it got me thinking, even though there was traffic  and a possibility of being late, I would not be abandoning the idea of going, and it kind of reminded me of the scene, when parents are taking their kids on a journey and there is traffic etc, even with the constant ringing of “are we there yet?” going on as a parent you are more likely to pacify the kids and distract them from  the irritation because you know that once they get there, they are going to enjoy themselves and you are going to love watching that.  In other words you have focused on your purpose, kept going and eventually got back on track again.


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So this is the thing, sometimes in life we face delays, detours and sometimes even have to change direction completely. What do you do when you hit such an issue?  Sometimes it all seams too much and you just want to throw in the towel, give up and go somewhere else, do something else because it is not working,

Is that really an option, I always say everything is an option, however if you were acting with intent, set on a journey of purpose, then it becomes obvious that this is not an option for you.  What is likely to happen is that you will dust yourself off, reassess and consider your options.  It is very important that you actually consider your options as opposed to being distracted by the issue or getting caught up in the conditions.

So in reality a quick idea of what this means, when something happens you can do the following:

  1. Assess- what is the impact, what can I do? Where does your influence lie?
  2. Weigh up your options,
  3. Take action.


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