Why Personal Growth Is Important.

This is important. We quite often go through life, thinking we want more, if only it was this way, if only it was that way.

Quite frankly we all have the potential to have what we want, to live the life we want, but we have to go out there and get it.  In order to get something different, we have to do something different.  Everything will remain in its current state unless a force is enacted upon it.

This is why personal growth is so important.  It expands our mind, and helps us to grow. It helps us to understand more and become more creative, and hence we start to get different usually better results in our endeavours. One of my favourite sayings is

If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always gotten.

That’s reasonable right?

Personal growth comes in all sorts of manners, I am not suggesting that you run off and go do a doctorate degree or anything like that, I am just suggesting,  that you take small reasonable steps, that will enable you to grow in order to abecome an expertchieve what you want.  Think about it, according to research it takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything,  so the phrase practice makes perfect, is not an accident. However you can’t do the same wrong thing again and again, and become an expert, it means learning from your mistakes, changing your approaches indeed there may be times when you will need to completely reinvent yourself.  So how would this happen.

There is learning material out there, to suit all learning styles, you can get the audio books, the traditional books, there are online webinars, podcasts etc.

It has been suggested, and I am inclined to agree, that 30 minutes a day dedicated to your personal growth is a good start.  You can get through an average size book in a month if you read 10 pages a day, but you know you could surprise yourself and find the book so interesting that you do not put it down after 10 pages.

It is my belief that the happiest people are those who are growing and living their life’s purpose.  Suggest, that just like its a good idea to have health and financial goals, its a good to have a personal growth plan. 3 easy steps you can do:

  1.  Set some goals, around what you would like to achieve.  e.g a book read, a webinar attended,
  2. Find the material, set a plan around it and set a target date around what you want to do.
  3. Just do it.

So, what have you done so far towards your personal growth?  One of my favourite books that can assist on taking action to change towards getting your goals is “who moved my cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson.  It is a very quick read and explains a lot about human behaviour and conditioning in easy straightforward terms.

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