Define Your Victory!

Michael-John-Boak stated, that if you do not create the life you want, then someone else will create one for you.   This is generally what happens though, our lives really and truly are often created by others, whether its family, culture, or just life in general, in the end, most people end up just living their life as it unfolds, and quite often their old age is tinged with regret. Regret for not living their dreams, for not doing this, for not doing that.  it does not always start off that way though, but as life takes it toll, the ideals lose their shine.

your goals There is so much pressure these days to be your best, and this pressure is coming from all quarters, to be the best at your job, to be the best mother, to be the best wife and quite frankly it can be to the subjugation of yourself.

In any given circumstance there is an expectation that you should be have a certain way, and when you don’t, well there must be something wrong with you. Hmm , its my firm belief that life was not intended to be this way.

I get that, I got to a stage in my life, where I had to make a major decision about the path I was gong to take , and believe me, there were expectations and there were gasps of disapproval when I made the decision to take a hold of the reigns of my life, the way I wanted to,  the way it felt right for me.

What did I learn?  That a)  no matter what happens, the world will continue to spin on its axis,  in other words, nothing ventured nothing gained and who will notice except me?  For too long I felt conditioned and obligated to stay where I was  for all sorts of reasons, which quite frankly were not good enough reasons at all.

b) That its ok, to make a decision for yourself that is not to the expectation of others.

C) Most importantly not only must I be, but I do not need permission to be accountable for myself and all that entails. Its actually very liberating and then you truly understand that you can choose your success level and go for it.  In the words I choose: Define your victory!

Have you put your dreams on hold?

Are you constantly dreading Monday Mornings?

Do you often feel your situation is in control of you rather than you being in control of the situation?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are definitely in the right place.  I can help you  to take charge of your own destiny and define your own victory.  Email me at if you want to find out how I could help.

Come and join me, working on our goals, taking action and defining our victory here 

Whatever you do, smile, be kind to yourself and have a nice day.

Nike A


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