Sometimes it’s the Small Things that Serve as a Reminder

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you play the lottery?

I have this lottery that I have been playing for a while it claims to have better odds than the national lottery and goes towards good causes in my area. So why not, I thought at the time.  However as of late, I have been wanting to cancel it and i usually state this intention out loud to my beleaguered husband every time I see the the Paypal receipt come up on my phone, but somehow I have not gotten round to cancelling it.  The other day I went on to my paypal to pay for my company workshop that i attend each month and I noticed that I had an extra amount of money there, it turns out that I had won a few dollars on that lottery. It therefore made me feel as if I had gone to the workshop for free. It made me smile.   Its just a little thing, but tickle me it did, but it also made me think. Its not as if this lottery has really paid out for me at all, and whilst I accept that the money is being put to good use, as an investment strategy, it is not something that can be relied on.


What it did  make me think of though, was that having an income stream that would provide a few dollars regularly would be a better way of increasing your income and it needn’t be millions to make one happy. ( Don’t remind me, we know that money does not buy happiness) There are various methods that one could use to make an extra income, but no matter the happiness one might feel at winning a bit on the lottery, in the end, it is not viable as an investment, and if one is looking for a get rich scheme, then the pleasure of the small kill, is not likely to hold interest for you.

So an income stream that can be built from the ground up, is likely to start off small,  but with perseverance, learning and consistency it can grow to become a regular income stream and depending on the nature of he business that you have going on, then the limit you set on this is where it would go. In other words make of it what you will.

What will make you happy?  There are some people who are happy to get a little income from a hobby, they feel rewarded and the money probably covers any expense and is not the driving force behind their actions,  others on the other hand want to make a living or a substantial income from anything they are doing and anything less will make them unhappy.

Income anyone?

What is your thing? Would you like to make an extra income? Have you set any goals around how much you would like to earn? This is key, working out what you want and how you are going to get it and the reason why. The reason why will stand as motivation for doing it.

Now there are various ways of making money on line, that could give you extra money for your pension fund, but not many that not only give you first class training, let you try for free and you get to keep your freebies.


My review of Wealthy Affiliate


So the little things that make us happy and serve as reminders, do not have to remain little, they can in fact become quite large, that is your prerogative , you set the limits, you decide.

So what are the small things that make you happy? What do they remind you of?  I’d love to know, so do drop me a line at or comment below should you desire.   Feel free to take a look at this offer from Weathy Affiliate University.

What ever you decide, smile, be kind to yourself and be sure to have a nice day.


Nike A

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2 Replies to “Sometimes it’s the Small Things that Serve as a Reminder”

  1. Thanks for this interesting view. I have also been evaluating my lottery spend. I have had a small return which I used to register for a training I wanted to try out. However, I drastically reduced my spend on lottery and started putting the difference into a piggy bank. I am actually happy with the growth of the piggy bank which has surpassed the returns on the lottery. I am still hoping for a jackpot though, so i am happy with both.

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