Dreams Don’t Expire

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]id you watch the Olympics in Rio this year?  How exciting were they? There were so many fabulous and inspiring stories to emerge, but the one that is on my mind right now is that of the Show Jumper  Nick Skelton.  He is a man, a show jumper whose career seems to have been dogged by injuries and setbacks, but here is aged 58 having won an olympic Gold. An accolade that instantly makes hime the best in the world.

He Persevered with his Dreams

Imagine if he had given up on his dream, said it was all too much for whatever reason just not seen it through.

So this is my first  question. What dreams do you have a burning desire to see though but maybe you have given up on? Do you think you are too old,  that you are not fit enough,  etc?  Its quite clear that we get bogged down by life for various reasons and we are almost led to believe that our dreams are not important and that they have a sell by date. 

My Second question is what are you willing to do about it? Are you open to finding out how you can fulfil your dreams, and have a happier life,  are you open to change, because it will take change!  I leave you with thoughts about about dreams, goals and actions. Making new year’s resolutions is such a common thing, and we all know that usually we have given up on half of them before the January 31st has seen the light of day.  This is not because we are bad, or incapable.  It is because we do not commit or plan, and  have often  made resolutions based on obligations rather than desire or purpose . Then our so called real life takes over and it all goes on the back burner.

How wistful do you you feel when you see someone doing things that you wish to do but often feel you cant?  There is absolutely no reason to feel that way. The potential is in you to achieve whatever you like, in so far as you take the right action to achieve this.

Do You Have Time?

One very important commodity is time? We quite often cite time as an issue for not doing this and not doing that, but as my lead caption says, it does not take a holiday.  Every day has exactly the same no of hours and minutes in it. Therefore it stands to reason that the only way your dreams expire is because you say they have. In the end, issues life or otherwise can interfere, delay and in some instances change your dreams, but in the end its is only you who can stop them.

I am sure that I don’t have to tell you happy and successful people plan and use their at time to intentionally  focus on their priorities. So what steps have you put in  place to plan your time ?  I’m not suggesting that you have to give up on your spontaneous zest for life. I’m just saying that if you’re committed to achieving your  dreams  exhibit some discipline,  make the decisions on how and when you are going to do things towards your goals .

When you have made these decisions stick to them. Remember the old saying time waits for no man some would say it’s an equal opportunities employer, in that we all get the very same 24 hours every day,  therefore understand that today is important it sets you up for tomorrow. It is important to develop habits that will enable you to incorporate planning and reflection into your daily agenda  so that you can work on

How are You Using Your Time?

You are the owner of your time, thoughts and actions you need to make intentional use of them.  Remember, that setting goals without an action plan is just a wish list. Put an action plan in place with times.

One of the key things about having goals, living life, going to work, raising a family yes the list goes on and on, is that you need to prioritise. This will help you to understand why you are doing things, i.e what is the purpose? Your motivation will come from your reason why,  use this to  assist you when planning your time and deciding your priorities.

I recall when I studied  economics at school, I learnt the definition of opportunity cost.  It is the value of the best alternative when another option is chosen. This has stuck with me as I  remember at the time, thinking it was a weird thing to think, but while out walking today,  it occurred to me, that when you have dreams and aspirations that you do not follow they become the opportunity cost for your so called life!  So do you want to make your dreams your opportunity cost?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself

  • What do I want?
  • What must I do to get it?
  • Am I willing and able to do it?
  • What gives back?
  • What is rewarding?
  • Is there anything I can delegate to someone else?

Know your worth this is important. Don’t devalue yourself, learn to say no to things that do not add to your value or life’s purpose.

Good books on goal setting, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven R Covey” , ‘The seven Strategies of Wealth and Happiness- Jim Rohn”

Does this resonate with you?  Feel free to contact me at Nike@nikeakiti.com  I love to hear from you, and  I promise that I’ll respond to any questions you have about how you can get what you want.

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4 Replies to “Dreams Don’t Expire”

  1. some great points in here Nike about making promises to yourself, like NY Resolutions, and not sticking to them. Goals have to be realistic and achievable but also need to push you too.
    I will certainly be taking your points on board in December when I am planning next year.
    I will take a look at your book selections too.

    • thanks Andi, that is very kind of you. I do feel strongly that everyone should know that they never give up on their dreams.

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