5 Reasons to choose a Positive Attitude

According to John Maxwell, if you choose a positive attitude today, it will give you possibilities tomorrow. Sometimes with the way life goes, with its topsy turvy schedule one could be forgiven for forgetting that attitude is a choice we make, not something we are born with.  Here are my top five favourite reasons to choose a positive attitude.

Reason 1

A positive attitude can give you a winners perspective.  To get a bit of context around this point, its a good idea to look at sports people.  For example, Serena Williams, no 1 tennis player. To watch her plat is to see positive mental attitude in action.  Even when she is losing, she never looks like she thinks she is going to lose.

Reason 2

If you are good towards others, they will be good towards you too.  Your attitude can set the tone of your conversations, therefore its pertinent that you you should mind your ps and qs. An example of this is how you interact with people you may be working with in a team, or indeed with your friends and family. If you are working towards something with other people and you continually react with bad attitude will be contagious and my affect the outcome of what you are trying  to  achieve.

Reason 3

It will make you happy. The attitude you adopt is a decision. Once you have decided to take a good attitude, then you will choose positive over negative each time, which will only serve to make you happy.

Reason 4

Linked to 3 with a good attitude you are likely to participate in positive things, you will try new things out and setbacks and challenges will be seen for what they are and dealt with.

Reason 5

A positive attitude will help to alleviate stress.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but I think they are the key things to help you going forward.  A real short post for you today, if you found any value in it please share with your friends.  Do you have any questions? Please do feel free to email me

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Whatever you do, do be good to yourself and be sure to have a good day.


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