Good bye 2016: Happy New Year Lessons

As we have left  2016 for 2017, I wanted are with you some of my favourite things that I have learnt or reaffirmed this year.

  1. Gratitude as a practice is a substantial source of your everyday happiness.
  2. The world does not stop because your plans have stalled.
  3. Words and actions are equally important
  4. You are more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down with plan.
  5. When enough is enough, its enough
  6. Its never too late to pursue your dreams
  7. Unlearning the employee mentality is not as easy as I thought it would be, but it can be done.
  8. In everything, value  everyone, but rely on no one.
  9. Not taking things personally is a necessary skill that has to be learnt.
  10. Happiness is a choice, and so is being kind to yourself.

These are a few of my favourite lessons from 2016, from all walks of life.  Did you learn any lessons? What are they, do let me know in the comments .

For 2017, I wish you a year full of success may you find fulfilment in the pursuit and happiness in the fulfilment of your dreams.

Happy new  year everyone.



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