Feed Your Faith- Starve your Fears….



So this is the thing.. some things just cant occupy the same space at the same time


oil and water

love and anger

Gratitude and bitterness.

fear and faith


My favourite acronym for fear is False evidence appearing real.  We all know that fear is not a real thing, and that Susan Jeffers statement feel t

he fear and do it anyway is the best antidote to fear.  ( now I am not a doctor and I am not talking about full blown phobias ok, so don’t lets get it twisted.)

However we can work at some of these fears.

If you have a fear of poverty: Develop a work ethic

If you have  a fear of greed foster generosity

If you have a fear of rejections: learn how to connect

If you have a fear of being insignificant: be of service to others.

If you have a fear of falling from from Grace develop humility

If you have a fear of what is going to happen tomorrow, Learn to live in the moment.

If you have a fear of what people will say, develop your self love attitude and remember that in the end the only opinion that counts is yours.

If you have a fear of the unknown,  get information, get prepared.

Jesus said Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will bring its own worries.

Oftentimes, fear is based on a lack of preparation,

See, anytime you feel afraid of something and do it anyway you  are reprogramming you attitude. You can see this by thinking back to your firsts:

First time driving without an instructor

First day at school/ uni/ new job

First date etc.. and so on and so forth..

How do you feel about these things now? Trust me its that same for any fear… the best antidote is to just do it with the fear.

Thanks for reading, if you have found any value in this, please do feel free to share with your network, and do leave me a comment below.

Whatever you do, do it with love and do remember to choose happiness.


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