What to do when you feel stuck

Do feel stuck?🤔

Stuck in a job you hate?😡

Stuck at your network marketing business?🤔

Stuck in a family situation? 🤫

 Just stuck?😐

You  may feel that way but you aren’t really- the power is in you to change it!  💪🏾

Is your desire strong enough or are you using the situation as a comfort blanket? 🙉

In the very first instance make the decision to change the situation. This has to be the first step,  once you start the process- you and your situation will change.

There will be challenges, know that, it’s part of the process – knowing why and being clear on what you want will help you stick to your resolve!

Now understand this – you are not the situation but you can  leverage it by

  1. Getting clear on what you want:

This is where your focus needs to be.  There is no point, focusing on what you don’t want, you know this will attract more of the same. Give yourself space to think about and visualise what it is you want that is different to your current situation.

2. Giving yourself a realistic ( but scary) timescale 

Do not give yourself room to procrastinate, that is probably what got you into this situation in the first place.

3. Making a plan 

Just as you need to be clear on what you want, you need to be clear on what needs to be done. It may be a cliche but failing to plan really is like planning to fail.

4. Executing the plan! 

Action is key.  It may be scary, but once you start to take action, this fear will dissipate and become fuel.

I saw a quote today that said this ” Use your fear, it will lead you to your courage” it shows there is no reason to stay in a situation that is not serving you.

I hope that you have found some value in this blog post, if you have do feel free to share with your network and or leave a comment below. whatever you do, do it with love and as alway choose happiness.

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