The Dream Thief!

The thing is you can’t build your dream life, put it in the freezer and then re – heat it in the microwave when you are ready! You have to continually build and maintain it! 😘

That’s why excuses are bad for you, they keep you from going after your dreams, they are the biggest happiness thief going! 👀

They are insidious little things that creep into our life disguised as reason, as OMG moments and other distractions and before you you know it the dream is like pie in the sky! 🤔

Watch out for them, beat them over the head immediately and call the excuse helpline!

Don’t let excuses steal your dreams! Guard them! 💪🏾

Here is how you can guard against my favourite excuses:

  1. I was too tired… too tired to take my make up off, too tired to go to… too tired for what? Are you really tired, often times it is an auto response.  I am pretty certain you have been in the position where you have said you can’t do something because you are too tired and did it anyway and had really good time, and further felt energised afterwards.   Think before you respond or put something off. Check your feelings,
  2. I had/have no choice. This is one of  my all time favourites… we always have a choice.. doing nothing is a choice, not a good one, but a choice nonetheless.  When we are talking choices, we are actually thinking about the end result, and not necessarily considering the consequence of one over the other. For example if you find you have a diary clash.. how do you decide which one you are going to rearrange or bust altogether? In the end you are choosing the outcome of one of the outcome of the other, …but you made a choice and it can’t be used as an excuse pacify the losing party.
  3. I don’t have time, I am too busy..hmm this is a classic. I have always maintained that people who say they are too busy are still doing what ever they are doing, still interacting with people, therefore its a matter of actively prioritising your activities and making the most of your time.  This is another one one that is used more often than not on auto pilot.  Why don’t you have time? do you really have to watch easterners or that episode of Friends you have seen a million times?   where are there pockets of times that you waste? you get my drift here?
  4. I have never done it before, i don’t like it? really without trying? enough said..
  5. Thats the way we have always done it, in resisting change and innovation, sticking with lousy results believe things will change eventually without you ever having to change anything.

These are just a few of my favourites, whats it the funniest excuse you have heard?

Have a good day – whatever your are doing do it with love 💕 and #choosehappiness

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