Why I don’t have cheat days….

In the end, your desires are up to you.

So, someone asked me if I have cheat days… and what do you think my answer was?  if you said yes you would be wrong!!   I actually said no… now here’s the thing… if you have had the opportunity to follow my blogs you would know that on Christmas day i ate off plan.. well for the main meal anyhow …so as in keeping with my usual language don’t lets get it twisted here… I am not saying that i am perfect or being high and mighty  I am just deeply vested in my goal..

i have made a decision, a public one too…. this is my last ‘diet’..  this is total change for life… and my life has changed already in so many ways…so i am not willing to jeopardise this… i have likened it to a prescription for a malady, that malady was unwitting  gluttony… 

I am on a learning curve here, and I have this belief that anything that is easy to do is easy not to do and anything that is blooming hard to do is even easier not to do..so having gone the whole nine yards.. i am not willing to regress..

I believe this was major contributing factor to my failure with my other diet love…slimming world…as i have said before i did have some success with it, but  let me tell you those success came when i was 100% committed…i used to have cheat days..invariably on weigh days.. and then one day would become 2 etc…then i would have to start again, it was endless and to be brutally honest in the end i stopped trying… i still ate in the main ok dinners ( albeit they were too large, especially the carb section- earlier blog posts) it was what i did in between, that got in the way

What i am looking for now is to get to the state when i instinctively know what i need from the food i am going to consume, where nothing is off limits because i will inherently understand how to ensure a correct balance of the food… taking cheat days will not allow me to learn this… cheat days work for some, i have seen it with my own eyes.. but even the world cheat.. its a label then we start getting into the realms of the language we use, and the stories we tell ourselves- limiting  beliefs..I just believe that to have success in anything we have to be intentional with our thoughts and actions .. I would go as far to say now that by saying having a cheat day we inherently telling ourselves we are being bad and all the other connotations that go with that… 

From the beginning of this process i feel confident that i have shifted most of the issue i had with food from my heart and into the mind… right now i am on a prescription to better health, better agility, better weight better everything… God will show me when the prescription no longer needs refilling…

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