How I chose Health: Part 3- A Work In Progress

So, in part 2 I spoke about the challenges I faced and on some levels continue to do so, however I am a work in progress, evolving and learning. 

So far 

  • I have lost just over 5stones
  • i can move better, 
  • i can squat better
  • i can get up unaided- I have to be honest, I can’t recall when I lost the ability, and even though it must have been gradual it feels as if it were all of a sudden! Getting up and getting out of my car ( which has the lowest legally allowed suspension on it) became an event!!!
  • my circulation has improved- my feet used to swell i mean to the extent that it mostly determined what type of shoes i could wear, during the summer when we all want to wear open toed sandals, for that pleasure i would often have to buy a size slightly bigger than though its not so bad, not gone back to pre issue days..but much much better. 
  • i can now wear size 12 tops and on occasion skirts
  • i sleep better
  • my tastebuds are better
  • bad habits are being broken
  • my goal has worked on me- in my desire to improve my health and agility I now find myself participating in events that i would ordinarily shied away from.  ( race for life about 8 years ago was an exception) I am now looking beyond my desire for Serena Williams like abs!!! 

So I have a long way to go, in the meantime, I am enjoying the journey, learning that there is always a different way to the way you were doing  things… 

if you are ready to start or change your path to your health goal, and would like to have a chat about it why not contact me, or if you are ready, you can find more about the the programme i did here.

Thank you very much for taking the time to ready my story, its very much appreciated. Whatever you are doing today, do do it with a smile and be sure to choose happiness. 

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