I’m Back…..Why the Happy Principle.

I did not really miss lockdown – oh. D’oh we are still in it. No seriously though I have been a bit busy.. 

Pre Locdown in the gym 

So I came back from a holiday in Morroco in march and bang – within a week it was a whole new world. I ‘d heard whispers about fights over toilet roll..thought it was a joke… hmm some joke that turned out to be .. 

Well even though I worked ( at home mainly ) during the lockdown…I homed in on some cooking skills which I will  be sharing along with some archive journals from the pre- lockdown era. 

It’s time.. I really can’t explain what I have been waiting on, but with Lockdown and all the other poor things that have been going on the world it has been an eyeopener.. I have always known it, but somehow this pandemic has shown me… Time waits for no-one.  So here I am – I am a believer that everything in God’s time.

I might as well  tell you… I became an author too.. a co author with 21 other amazing ladies about our life in lockdown.  What an amazing  experience that has been and indeed continues to be. 

I am one of 22 co -authors

So why the happy principle.. because it occurs to me that we are happiest by choice, and when we look after ourselves, we find it easier to be happy. On this blog I will be sharing recipes, tips and hints. Beating diet blues, looking after you and the odd lifestyle hack. Watch this space my friends and thank you for reading.

Always choose happiness x

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