Sweet Potato Stir Fry

1-1&1/2 cups of diced cookedsweet potato 

Sweet and spicy potato stir fry.

What does one do with a random sweet potato? I needed a side, and this is what I came up..

3 spring onions

1 scotch bonnet or any other chillinof your choice! 

1 clove garlic 

1 tsp cumin seeds

1&1/2 tbsp of ex virgin olive oil 

2 cups greens i used spinach and Kale 

1 cup of baby plum tomatoes 

 Black Pepper to taste 

1 average size sweet potato – the purple one is best for this recipe.

What to do:-

Peel and cube the sweet potato. Par boil the cubes in boiling water drain and put to one side.

Wash and prepare the greens the – chop them as you desire – finely works best- set aside 

In a deep frying pan or wok 

Heat the oil and add the chopped spring onions, cumin seeds garlic and chilli!! Fry until aromatic- beware the chilli aroma can be over powering to begin with! Add the sweet potato cubes and fry until they are crispy 

Then add the tomatoes and cook for a further minute or so! Add the greens and season with black pepper to your taste! You can add salt if you like! Continue to cook until the greens are as you like!! 

Voila – serve with protein of your choice!! 

If you like the idea of this, do let me know and let me know if you make it. Why not follow me on instagram What ever you decide to, do smile and choose to be happy. Remember folks, be kind to yourself and to others.

Much love


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