What I learned from this week’s Food Prep!

What I learned from this weeks food prep

  1. Its ok not to like what you have cooked and not it does not mean you are bad cook, it probably means there is something that does not agree with your palate, or maybe that dish was not for you. Why do I say this? See point no 2 below 
  2. I will never ever buy frozen Broccoli again. – I used it in my recipe, even before I used it, just cooking it before I blinked it had turned to a tasteless mush. Hmm so in the spirit of waste not want not,.. I used the rest for making savoury broccoli and cheese pancakes.  For these you will need    

1/2cup of the mushy cooked broccoli mashed down with a masher. ( stopped short of dumping it in the blender. 

1/2 cup oat flour

1/2 cup plain flour

1tsp of baking powder

1tsp of garlic powder 

3 tbsp of cottage cheese

1 tsp chill power ( or more if you prefer) 

2 eggs

1/3 of a cup of milk

How to create: 

Firstly mix all the dry ingredients together

Beat the liquid ingredients and add them into the dry ingredients mix until everything is combined

They are fried like pancakes. The mixture is quite thick though and due to the oats you have to be quite quick in the cooking process.  You cook them just like you would pancakes ( not the crepe kind obviously ) 

In your frying pan add a tablespoon of oil I used coconut oil, but use what ever oil you have to hand 

Let your oil get hot, then add a scoop of batter ( I used a small ladle, ) you can use whatever you have, e.g ice cream scoop, 1/4  measuring cup you get my drift. 

Now here’s the thing.. you know how you wait for the bubbles and holes to appear, you have to do that, but I found that because the batter is quite think you may want to use the back of your label to smooth it out so the pancake it a bit  thin.  Keep going I found this mixture gave me 7 medium sized pancakes..so I figure if you make them smaller you may get up to 10. 

 So the pancakes were quite nice, and would make a nice accompaniment to eggs

3.  Patience, patience.. if only they sold it at the market..hmm no but seriously  though.. I used my new Tawa to make the pancakes and having just gotten used to making pancakes like this ( with  the ever thirsty oat flour)  in my frying pan.. I had to learn very quickly the change in heat distribution and retention on th new pan. I was getting quite impatient and I think I was on my 3rd pancake before I hit the sweet spot and it was different again when I was making the banana and chia seed pancakes. 

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found it of use. What do you think of the recipe? Whatever you do, smile and choose to be happy. Remember folks, stay safe and be kind to yourselves and to others

Much love


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