I chose Health!

When My Health and training coach Chris asked me if I’d try out this diet that he was trialling – he kinda played to what we in the network marketing field fondly refer to as the yellow part of my personality- you’d be helping me he said, you know for my tissue clinic- he said – a friend asked for help wasn’t I gonna say yes- ya think?? – 

hmm I should have known that in actuality he was helping me!!! 

Who knew – 4 months later I’d be 4 stone lighter and 6 inches smaller on the hips!! I certainly didn’t- I can’t even claim to know – except when I got to work that day and Chris had messaged me. Twice,  first with info – second asking  if I’d fainted!!! ( I was too heavy to faint 😂) but mentally I did faint.. I’m like “omg what have let myself in for?” I did not have a clue…except clearly it was going to involve very little food. 

So then it started, and boy that first two weeks, I was damm miserable and on day 13 I had an emotional melt down…OMG..it was the realisation of what i had done to myself.. don’t get me wrong, the struggle for weightloss and better health has been real and arduous but imagine talking to the skinny, healthier version of you that is waiting to come out.  

It was almost as if the  inner skinny one was singing that Sam Smith chorus – “you say I’m crazy  cos you think I don’t know what you’ve done!!”

over the period of the detox i lost 1 stone and 3lbs and by day 50 id lost 2 and half stone.. my friend at church was like ‘ but nike it looks like more”..   by this stage, my knees had stopped hurting,  my posture had improved no end ( even if i do say so myself) and i was down to half my wardrobe. 

So now I am on a mission… no one should feel that way, we should not be beating ourselves up for our past mistakes, we learn, we implement what we have learnt and we help others to make the same changes. At the time of writing this, I have now lost over 4 stone and have dropped several dress sizes. My relationship with food and training has changed immensely. 

Are you at the end of your tether with dieting? Are you just starting a new diet? Have you reached a plateau?  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms I can help you. 

Feel free to reach out to me, you can email me, or you can join my fb community.  Not open to that yet, that’s ok, you can find me on social media with my user handle @msnikkidee

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